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Beyond the Cover Marketing

What makes your book unique is not the genre (it’s not even always the plot) it’s the characters, the scenes, your style. All of these things are there and they make your book amazing but they’re hiding behind the cover.

We’ll work with you to create an ad campaign that shows readers what lies beyond the cover of your book. We’ll give them that idea of what happens in the book. We’ll even introduce them to your characters all without turning a page.

Cover and a Quote

Almost every single book ad, from publishers and independents alike, looks like this:

In recent surveys readers have responded that they pay little attention to quotes. What they want to know is what to expect from a book.

Create a Campaign Readers Care About

We will develop advertising graphics and promotional executions for you to make the most of any ad placement, guest post or event that tells readers exactly what to expect from your book and entice them to read one of the scenes that make it great.

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