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Ads & Graphics

Unless it’s tasting the milk to see if it’s turned, I’m not going to ask you to try anything that I haven’t tried. Here are a couple of campaigns created for my own books that will give you an idea of what we do.

Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies

This books follows three typical suburban family men during a zombie outbreak. It parodies the zombie genre and turns some of the tropes on their heads. We wanted the campaign to hint at some of these scenes while clearly depicting the parody aspect of the book.

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors

This book is a funny look at the world after the world has been apocalypsed. Some may wonder what’s so funny about the near extinction of humanity, but, the truth is, as long as there are people around, there will always be something to laugh at. This book has a lot of quirky characters and we centered the campaign on introducing them to the readers.

We have used the ads on Facebook, Twitter and the Google Ad network as well as our blogs. Some of the ads have seen a 20% click through rate and each one has held a 1.0 page ranking throughout the entire campaign.

These ads have generated consistent traffic to our web sites and we can do the same for your book.

>> Yes, I want to get my book in front of thousands of targeted readers each month.